We have implemented heightened cleaning procedures to include but not limited to the cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces, handrails, door handles, counters, doors, railings, trampolines, ninja course, foam pits, tumbling floor, tumbling equipment, bathrooms, flooring, walkways, seating areas, and cubbies.. We use a commercial disinfectant/ germicide to sanitize the park, to include all trampolines, ninja course and foam pits. This cleaner is known to kill all viruses of the corona virus spectrum. We will clean before and after every group that comes to our facility. In addition, we also deep clean and apply a ‘fog’ treatment nightly to the trampolines and foam pits. We have multiple hand sanitizer stations around the park and highly encourage hand washing. 

In addition to the heightened cleaning measures, our staff will conduct daily wellness checks before shift and wear masks. We are limiting the number of guests to allow for proper social distancing practices and we recommend only one jumper per trampoline. We also ask that you complete your waiver online ahead of time.

Park Cleaning

The following steps are taken nightly to clean our park:

Foam pits are fluffed and sprayed with a commercial grade disinfectant/ germicide , any damaged blocks removed and replaced

All trampolines and mats are vacuumed, sprayed with a disinfectant and wiped down

Ninja course equipment is sanitized with a disinfectant and wiped down

Carpeted flooring, tumbling floor and areas around the trampolines are vacuumed

All hard surfaces, counters, seating, handles, railings, doors etc. are cleaned

Restrooms are cleaned, diaper changing stations are sanitized

All trash removed

Floors are swept and mopped

Storage cubbies are emptied and cleaned

Windows and doors are cleaned

Monthly procedures include:

A complete emptying and deep clean of foam pits with fresh pit blocks added

Flooring scrubbed and carpeted areas cleaned with a commercial grade carpet cleaner

Dusting and cleaning the top of the Ninja Equipment

Safety checks of all trampolines, nets, safety handrails, ninja course and mats. Any ripped, torn, damaged or loose items/materials are replaced.


Questions? Feel free to email us!